Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Serious Question

Republicans are angry at Romney because his healthcare plan became Obama's blue print. Why aren't Democrats just as mad at Obama for embracing a plan so similar to Romney's?

The answer speaks a great deal to the dynamics of power in this country and goes a long way towards explaining the continued ineffectiveness of the modern Democratic Party. 

A Hero for Liberty

He better be careful, they might try to fly a gold-fringe flag in the court room:
A prison inmate in upstate New York was convicted on 11 counts of tax fraud after he filed — and partially received — tax returns worth around $890 million, using techniques he says he learned off of a sovereign citizen website

According to court documents, Williams filed tax returns in the spring of 2007, claiming that he earned half a million dollars in 2006 — during a time when he was incarcerated. The IRS sent him a refund check for $327,456 in April of 2007 — c/o the Camp Gabriels Correctional Facility in upstate New York.

Williams” attorney claimed that he had filed the returns after an article on the site “The America’s Bulletin,” a sovereign citizen website that puts out “Prison Packets” to instruct prisoners how to get themselves out of prison

High Broderism

One last hurrah