Friday, April 13, 2012

I Trolled the MRAs Again.

Let's see who's been paying attention

The big reveal after the jump...

Here is my latest attempt.

Also a sleeper account. Come on MRAs, are you paying attention?


  1. Wow, what a shitstorm! Edge of my seat!

  2. 0 points, 14 comments! When will this thrill ride end?

  3. You know you're giving feminists a bad name, and setting the movement back 40 years. I hope you're proud. I for one am saddened that my fight for so many years has devolved into this pathetic internet squabbling. Tossing out lies just to bait people into saying mean things, and then using those things to justify your own opinion. It sounds exactly like the GOP rhetoric. Such a sad waste of potential.

  4. And you only have comments set to visible AFTER approval. Now that's cowardly.

    ~same feminist from before